Spain Your Muse


Spain your Muse

Spain your Muse is a pioneering project that merges the world of art and the world of tourism. Through this initiative, we would like to promote Spain as a country that has inspired and continues to inspire artists of all kinds of creative expressions.

We present this initiative in a contest format and we invite anyone with the heart of an artist in Ireland to send us artworks that may fall into the five artistic categories that we propose on the website.

Visitors to the website will be able to vote for their favorite artworks and, at the end of the deadline, we will be able to know which artists will be the winners of our fabulous prizes. In addition, by simply signing up and voting, you are automatically entered into a drawing for an exclusive prize for users.

We have a first-class collaborators network that will offer attractive incentives and unforgettable tourist experiences that will, hands down, motivate you to participate in this great artistic project. 

Not only is Spain a country of great artists and an exuberant culture; it is also an ideal country for all kinds of culture and art lovers; a country that can be the giant canvas on which to create even more beauty. Welcome to this journey through the most inspiring Spain!

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