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Any resident in the Republic of Ireland over 18 years of age may participate in the competition. Entry is on a strictly personal basis and Contestants may not enter the Contest in the name of or on behalf of other persons. The Organizers reserve the right to carry out all necessary checks concerning the identity of the Contestants.


The theme of the artworks must revolve around any of the aspects of Spain as a destination country for tourist experiences. Artworks capable of providing an exciting motivation to travel to Spain will be especially valued.


Each contestant may submit a maximum of three artworks, which must be original and unpublished and must not have won any previous prizes in other contests. Contestants are fully responsible for being the sole authors, that there are no rights to third parties, as well as any claim for image rights on the artworks submitted to the contest. The Organizers disclaims, to the extent permitted by law, any liability for losses caused by entering the Contest and sending the Artwork(s) and the information provided.


The submission period will be open from the 00:00 hours on Monday 28th June to the 24:00 hours of Saturday 2nd October 2021. Artworks submitted after this date will not be accepted. Any submission sent after the deadline or in a form other than that mentioned in these rules shall be disqualified. Entering this Contest entails the unrestricted and unreserved acceptance of these rules, and a waiver of the right to challenge decisions taken by the Contest Organizers and the popular vote. The date and time of publication of the Artwork(s) shall alone be considered as a valid proof.


Persons who have not provided proof of their full contact information and identity or who have provided them inaccurately or falsely, and persons who refuse to allow personal data that is strictly necessary for the purposes of the organization of the Contest to be collected, stored and used, shall be excluded from the Contest and shall not be awarded any prize, for which the Organizers and their partners cannot be held liable. Entering this Contest shall entail full acceptance of these rules. Failure to comply with the said rules shall result in the automatic cancellation of the entry and any prizes that may have been awarded. Visit our prizes page and terms and conditions for more information.


The winners will be announced publicly on Sunday 3rd October 2021. Winners will be notified by email and/or mobile number. If a winner’s details turn out to be incorrect or incomplete or they cannot be identified or contacted, the Organizers cannot be held liable under any circumstances. If for any reason whatsoever a winner is partly or entirely unable to accept the prize, especially if they provided inadequate contact information when they registered, they will lose their prize and cannot claim any compensation whatsoever in exchange.


The winner will be chosen by popular vote. The number of votes will be shown publicly in the artwork and will be updated regularly. Participants will be able to share their own artwork through social media links in order to get a bigger exposure for their participation. Any registered votes received after the deadline will not be accepted.


The Artwork(s) submitted by the Contestants are the property of the authors who retain their intellectual property and copyright at all times in all territories. The Contestant shall ensure that the Artwork(s) submitted and/or disseminated by the Contestant do not infringe the rights of third parties, in particular intellectual property rights (trademark, copyright, models in particular), personal rights (such as defamation, insults, denigration, harassment, etc.), respect for privacy (including image rights), public order and decency (including apology for crimes against humanity, incitement to racial hatred, violation of human dignity, violence against animals, violent or degrading images, etc.) and, in general, the rules in force and the usual rules of courtesy. Contestants shall ensure that any clearly recognizable persons in the artwork(s) submitted have given them permission to use their image. The Contestant grants the Organizers rights to display and reproduce the intellectual property rights attached to the content (Artworks) that they submit for the purpose of sharing and publication on the website and on the Organizers social networks such as Twitter and Facebook, for the duration of the competition. The Contestant can at any time revoke the right of usage of their artworks. The Artwork(s) will not be reproduced elsewhere without the written consent of the Contestant. In addition, the Contestant authorizes the Organizer to use their name, artwork(s) and prize information for advertising and promotion purposes related to the Contest, without any other form of remuneration and where permitted by law. The Organizers shall not moreover be held liable for costs incurred for entering the Contest. These rules do not imply any joint and several liability between the Organizers or the creation of any affectio societatis between them.


Participation in this contest implies full acceptance of each and every one of these rules and the unappealable decision of the popular vote.



The length of the poems may be between 20 and 150 verses.

Verses may have metric and rhyme or be free verses.


The style of the pictures may be free.

Pictures may be altered electronically OR by any other means. Photo collages will be accepted.

Artworks must be attached in computer support in JPEG or TIFF format, at a resolution of 300 dpi, and in RGB, the name of the file being the same as the title of the artwork.

The maximum file size will be 30 megabytes.


The artworks to compete will be finished paintings on the theme proposed in the general rules. The technique will be free. The use of any type of material and support is allowed. The dimensions of the paintings are also free. The supports for displaying the paintings may be several:

– Dossier with designs and real photograph of the painting.

– 360º video of the finished painting

– Photographs from all angles of the finished painting.

– The maximum size of the files submitted must not exceed 200 megas.


Artworks may be submitted in comic and illustration format, and the comic pages must be correctly numbered.

Artworks must be submitted in DIN A4 format in 300 dpi resolution.


HD creations submitted in mp4 and AVI format will be admitted to the contest.

The maximum file size will not exceed 2GB.

PAL 16:9 format or any other format prepared to be projected in this projection frame is recommended.

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